lumbar osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis of the lumbar spine is a common disease. Affected persons 25 years of age, older. The disease is getting younger. Lumbar osteochondrosis, symptoms are observed in patients aged 30 years.

Osteochondrosis is a disease of an incorrect sedentary lifestyle. Many are forced to spend their working hours constantly sitting in front of the computer. It is important to lead an active lifestyle, perform physical exercises that maintain normal muscle tone, often there is not enough time for this.


back pain with osteochondrosis

Few people pay attention to the first symptoms of lumbar osteochondrosis. Initially, the disease is manifested by discomfort in the lumbar region. Severe pain occurs with a strong load on the spine, lifting weights.

Characteristic signs of the disease:

  • numbness, numbness of the back muscles during prolonged sitting in one position;
  • at a later stage, mild pain occurs, aggravated by movement;
  • after an incorrect load on the spine, the patient is faced with a partial restriction of movement, an intense pain that does not allow him to straighten his back, causing an attack of intense pain.

It is recommended to seek medical advice. The consequences of neglected osteochondrosis are dire. The disease causes changes in cartilaginous tissue, leads to the formation of hernias. The patient is relieved of a herniated intervertebral disc by a surgical operation.

The modified cartilaginous tissue becomes dense, resembling bone tissue, the distance between them decreases, the nerve endings are compressed. The pain occurs in the lower back, leg, groin.

Causes of disease

A sedentary lifestyle cannot cause a disease. The causes of lumbar osteochondrosis often negatively affect the body from childhood. The formation of incorrect posture is the first reason that leads to osteochondrosis. Extra pounds, weight lifting, back injuries, genetic predisposition are the main reasons that lead to degenerative changes in the vertebrae.

Causes provoke inadequate blood circulation in the cartilaginous tissues. The amount of nutrients supplied with the blood decreases, leading to a lack of components necessary for the regeneration of cartilage tissue.

It is worth paying attention to back injuries. A severe spinal cord injury received in childhood will disrupt the normal functioning of the intervertebral discs. Inflammation starts gradually. If you do not act in time, provoke the process with additional adverse factors, in the future osteochondrosis will become a constant companion.

Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis

The main thing - no self-treatment. Cause harm to health, aggravate the condition.

The doctor will establish an accurate diagnosis after diagnostic studies. Treatment of lumbar osteochondrosis is effective when the diagnosis is known, the affected area of the spine is established. The procedures aim to eliminate factors:

exercises for lumbar osteochondrosis
  1. It is recommended to identify the root cause that led to the formation of tissue changes.
  2. If osteochondrosis is accompanied by severe pain, the initial treatment is aimed at relieving the pain, alleviating the patient's condition.
  3. It is worth stopping the disease process, stimulating the regeneration of tissues damaged by osteochondrosis.
  4. When the pains disappear, the patient receives massage complexes, therapeutic exercises and preventive procedures.

With an aggravation, the pain is so intense that movement causes severe pain. In severe cases, the patient is hospitalized. If not necessary, the patient should be given home rest, bed rest.

The doctor prescribes strong medications. In severe situations, the patient is given a special block that relieves acute pain.

Therapy during the recovery period

Osteochondrosis is an insidious disease. It is impossible to cure. The patient is advised to follow the doctor's instructions when the pain subsides.

If a neuropathologist has prescribed a reflexology course, it is worth visiting the sessions. After restorative manual procedures that relieve pain, restore muscle tone, you should regularly engage in physical therapy exercises.

The complex of therapeutic procedures aims to get rid of it, eliminating complications that provoke osteochondrosis. In severe cases, the procedures are ineffective. The patient will be relieved of pain, anguish, surgical intervention.

Disease prevention

Cure, safety in the future does not depend only on the attending physician. Whether osteochondrosis returns or not depends on the patient. A sedentary lifestyle is worth reconsidering.

From now on, physical therapy and an active lifestyle should become constant companions. Prevention - swimming, outdoor walks. Often patients have physiological problems. Osteochondrosis is the cause of the patient's depressed state. The disease leads to constant irritation, depression, depression.

The main thing in preventing the disease is a mobile lifestyle, proper nutrition, gymnastics, swimming. Lumbar osteochondrosis becomes a problem for every second patient.

If you don't notice signs of illness, lifestyle, work restricting movement, take care of disease prevention in advance. You shouldn't wait until it manifests, it's easier to protect your health in advance than to treat terrible complications.

Facts about Osteochondrosis

Many diseases arise due to problems with the spine. The vertebrae in a healthy body have strict proportions in relation to each other. A slight deviation from the norm causes arthrosis, sciatica, osteochondrosis. Preparations for lumbar osteochondrosis cannot cure. They stop the development of the disease, eliminate pain, partially restore the work of damaged tissues.

Incorrect posture - osteochondrosis in the future, premature aging of the skin. Youth depends on the strength of the muscles responsible for maintaining the muscles of the face. Incorrect posture, hunched shoulders, drooping head weaken the back muscles of the neck and head. It leads to the formation of a second chin, the progression of osteochondrosis.


Disease prevention is more effective than therapy. To prevent the progression of the disease, parents from childhood should pay attention to the child's posture, take measures to prevent the occurrence of osteochondrosis.

For prevention, strengthening the health of the body, it is recommended to participate in sports sessions, observe a properly balanced diet and treat injuries in time.