Experience of use Motion Energy

The experience of using Motion Energy cream by Anna de Batumi

Anna de Batumi forgot the pain in her joints and muscles with Motion Energy, a detailed review of the balm

My name is Anna, I live in Georgia, in the city of Batumi. I would like to share my experience of using Motion Energy cream for the treatment of arthritis. I have lived with this disease for more than 10 years, I acquired it very early due to professional activity. The pain rarely bothers, but when the weather changes, the wrist joints tend to swell. In addition, I play sports, so there is always a warming cream at home in the medicine cabinet to quickly relieve muscle pain after exercise.

Description of the cream

I saw Motion Energy in an ad. I was interested in the manufacturer's promises, so I studied the composition carefully. I liked this to be a natural remedy, so I placed an order immediately.

They delivered to Batumi very quickly, paid for the parcel at the post office, the goods arrived safe and sound. Before that, I had not seen any criticism, so I was surprised that it was a creamy balm with a melting structure, I thought it would be something like a gel. However, this is even better - the balm is absorbed slowly, so it lasts longer.

The cream is thick, has a pleasant smell of essential oils. It is easily squeezed out of the tube, distributed pleasantly across the skin.

How I used the cream

I will describe my problem: the wrist joints are affected due to professional activity (I used to be a tennis coach). Periodically, they swell, ache, under load, a specific creaking appears, movements become limited. This usually occurs when the climate changes and does not go untreated.

From the common cream I expected:

  • good heating effect;
  • quick pain relief;
  • reduction of swelling and inflammation;
  • multifunctionality - so it can be used not just for arthritis.
Motion Energy balm packaging, photo by Anna's review

The medication fully lived up to expectations. The product warms up perfectly, but does not burn the skin, like the analogues. The heat comes from within, a very pleasant feeling. The pain subsides approximately 15-20 minutes after application.

How to use the cream is described in detail on the tube. I applied as needed, sometimes once a day, sometimes 3 times a day. Relief came very quickly. I also want to notice a pleasant smell, it seems to me that it additionally soothes, perhaps due to the essential oils of the composition.

As a result of the application in one week, the worsening of the arthritis disappeared completely. The edema decreased on the second day of use, the pain disappeared on the first day.

Motion Energy can be classified as multifunctional tools. It does not contain antibiotics or hormones, it is a natural product, so it can be used in injuries, bruises and just for muscle heating. Sometimes I apply it to my muscles before training, when I don't have time to warm up completely.

I took a tube with me on a walk. After climbing the rocks, the muscles and back are always very sore, and here the cream saved our entire squad of tourists - the comrades also used the balm and everyone noticed a quick relief.

My critical verdict: an excellent heating cream for all occasions. I recommend the cream to anyone who plays sports, leads an active lifestyle, has joint problems or occasionally feels back pain.